What Types of Tents Can Be Used for a Wedding Ceremony?

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Your wedding day has to be an occasion to remember. While you can choose to stage your reception in a hotel ballroom, you can make a much bigger splash by renting a marquee instead. What options are available to you?

There are basically five different types of marquee available for an outdoor tented wedding. Furthermore, you can configure each individual choice to add the personal touch you're looking for.

Pole Tent

This is a very traditional, "hightop" creation, using two or more very tall poles as the centrepiece. From these poles a series of guy wires are strung, onto which the canvas is raised. They are certainly a very elegant choice, but they are usually only suitable when you are using a field or other area with soft surface. The tall poles have to be staked into the ground, making them difficult to set up on concrete or hardstanding.

Frame Tent

If the venue you are using only has a hard surface available, then maybe you should choose the frame tent. This does not use poles, but a freestanding metal frame. The canvas is placed on top of the frame once it is erected. Some people choose to leave the metal frame as is, while others take advantage of the interior superstructure in order to hang some nice pieces of fabric, other decorations or auxiliary lighting.

Marquee Tent

If you want to make the best of both worlds, consider a marquee tent. This is essentially a cross between the frame and the pole. Because it has the elevated appearance of the pole tent many people find this to be more aesthetically pleasing than a simple frame.

Tropical Tent

If your wedding is going to take place in the height of summer and may be at a beach location, then why not consider the tropical tent? Usually, you will erect a number of these smaller structures, rather than one big all-encompassing creation. Each tropical tent consists of a bamboo frame and very light fabric that is draped over the structure. This creates a great effect, although it doesn't provide any protection from any unexpected elements, of course.

Native American Tent

If you're looking for something really unusual, consider the Native American teepee. Their unique shape is sure to make them the talking point for your attendees. As they are very flexible and come in different configurations and sizes, they can be used for even the largest weddings. One point to bear in mind here is that the interior space may be compromised to a degree, due to the number of polls required to create the structure in the first place.

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