Four Party Essentials You Should Hire If You Are Planning a Party for a Kid With ADD and ADHD

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If you have a kid who has ADHD or ADD, planning his or her birthday party can be challenging. You want to create the perfect amount of action, without creating a scary or overstimulating environment. Luckily, you can easily hire most of the party items you need from a party hire company. Here are some essential items to consider hiring:

1. A Rock Climbing Wall

A rock climbing wall gives active kids a challenge, and it is the perfect outlet for a kid who may tend to constantly climb and jump over things anyway. Look for a party hire company that offers portable climbing walls as well as safety harnesses.

In some cases, you may also want the hire company to provide an assistant who can help your guests navigate their way up and down the portable rock face safely.

2. Bouncy Castles

The only drawback of a rock climbing wall is that kids have to take turns, and waiting in line can get hard for kids with ADHD or ADD. Augment your climbing wall with a bouncy castle. These castles can come in a range of sizes to accommodate your space and the number of guests you anticipate having.

If your child likes to protect his or her personal space or is easily embarrassed (two traits that are often associated with kids with ADD or ADHD), consider hiring a facility that has bouncy castles rather than hiring one and bringing it to your own home.

3. Laser Tag Equipment

However, in other cases, it makes sense to stay at home rather than to hire a facility. Laser tag can be an example of that. Playing laser tag in the dark hectic environment of most laser tag facilities can get overwhelming for kids with ADD or ADHD.

If you anticipate your kid getting overstimulated in a laser tag facility but know that he or she would love this variation of tag, hire the equipment to play laser tag but play it in your yard.

4. Movie Screen and Projector

While activity is essential when you are trying to plan a party for a kid with ADD or ADHD, you also want to create a few calming opportunities. You can hire projectors from most party supply hire companies, and then, you can show movies on a hired screen or make your own screen out of shower curtains or bedsheets.

Having a movie playing gives your kid and the party guests the chance to slip in and out of the action as needed.